Sensational Kids Therapy are a Paediatric Occupational Therapy practice based in London who offer assessment and therapy to children with a range of neurological disorders.

Producing detailed assessment reports was becoming an ever more onerous and time-consuming task. The process involved mailing paper questionnaires to involved individuals to be completed by hand and returned. Once received the information had to be extracted manually to be entered in the assessment reports.

On top of the time it took to type in extracts from the questionnaire into the assessment report, we were struggling with deciphering handwriting and questionnaires being lost in the post.

Red Arrow tackled this problem for us on two fronts. First, we created electronic questionnaires that were emailed directly. The benefits here are that the team could see the progress of outstanding questionnaires and spot if the users had got stuck part way though as well as having the questionnaires back instantly. This saved us a lot of time instantly and improved the quality of the information we received.

Matt also created a system to allow our existing detailed reports to be automatically generated from the answers to the questionnaire, improving our efficiency as an organisation.

The solution Red Arrow presented us with reduced the time it took to generate an Assessment Report from 2-3 hours to under an hour, improving the process of the assessment that we offer and therefore also our relations with our clients.